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copy/pasted from my tumblr


My name is Vi. I run a small online business where I sell handmade jewelry and clothing, and I write novels. It is my life’s work to start a revolution with my writing. Whenever you read anything I write, you are helping me in my quest to take over the world. On this blog, I post fandom and personal posts. I may also post things about my life dealing with cfs/me and anxiety, and those are tagged accordingly.

Interests: writing, fashion design,holistic medicine, jewelry making, doll collecting, tatting, paranormal, photography, witchcraft, true crime, bad puns, tea, conspiracy theories.

Main Fandoms: Yu-Gi-Oh, Homestuck, Kuroshitsuji, The Vampire Chronicles, Death Parade, Makai Ouji, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Toyetica

Messaging policy:
-Feel free to contact me through messages any time. Even if we are not mutuals or have never interacted before, you can always message me to say hello or to vent if you need it.

-I may not respond right away because I might be away from my laptop but please know that I never ignore messages and I will get back to you ASAP. Feel free to leave me long message to read even when I’m offline, I’ll read and reply when I get back.

-Anything you write me can and will make me happy and smile. :)

Other Tumblrs:
vimerveilles- my original prose/poetry blog
starsinmyteacup-crystal witch blog. sometimes I offer free tarot/oracle card readings here.
necrophobianovel- where I will be posting my nanowrimo 2016 project titled “necrophobia”. It is a steampunk setting horror/thriller novella.

Skype: vivienmerveilles
Email: demon-milk@live.com

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