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I am thinking of writing a biography of my father. My first hesitance to do so was more or less being met with, "who the hell would care about stories of some random guy's life?" then realize that everyone in my family has a "Chip Story"(tm). From the time when he took the steering wheel out of his mother's car because he was pissed, to the time where he jumped off the roof, into the pool, missed the pool and ended up in traction. Oh, and the keg party he subsequently had in his hospital room. How did he manage to sneak in that much alcohol in a hospital? It was the 70's.

In April it will be ten years since he has died. I feel like, after a decade, my memories of my father are no longer crisp to me, and what vibrant memories I have are just small glimpses into the past. I can hardly remember what his voice was like.

Update on the prayer candle thing. I recently ordered some archangel charms from a little religious etsy shop that was selling them and the order came w/ a little prayer card to archangel Michael, so I slipped that in the display case. Some might think, why archangel Michael? Why put the angel of protection near her prayer candle? The answer is this: it is protection FROM her, not to her. I consider angels a non-denominational thing and also I was raised catholic, which has shaped some of my witch craft and aesthetic. Even though I grew up to be a godless witch. :P
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thank you! o7 this helps a lot ; v ;