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i c h i ☆ p i n k y ([personal profile] ichipinky) wrote in [personal profile] vmerveilles 2017-01-11 07:23 am (UTC)

tbh, the way you describe some events from your father`s life, it`ll make a very interesting biography than some of what`s actually published out there. go for it if the drive doesn`t go away :) you can frame it from your own perspective, talking about what you remember about him and his stories

Even though I grew up to be a godless witch.
I`d be lying if this didn`t intrigue me. I was raised catholic as well but am now a...pragmatic atheist? (for lack of a better label) I`ve slowly and steadily been getting back into the craft and I feel like an outsider for not asking help from any sort of gods because I just don`t believe in them the way most people would ^^;

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